A Human Rights Statement from residents in Kirkuk to United Nation


a field in Kirkuk, Spring 2009

A Statement from residents in Kirkuk to United Nation - By a youth group in Kirkuk

Since the formation of the Iraqi state in 1920 up till now, the Iraqi people have become fuel for the political unrest because of many apparent and hidden reasons.

The most prominent reasons are the newspapers, sectarian, religious and national. which make internal wars more destructive than external wars, Since the regime of the monarchy, until the last dictator Saddam, all have adopted the policy of autocracy and violence against the Iraqi peoples. The violence practiced is especially denying the rights of minorities, and the use of genocide against them. Iraqi peoples were waiting for the end of Arab Baath Socialist Party regime. Analyzing its name is enough to know the target which works for it in this country. Now that seven and a half years have passed since the fall of this regime, many new parties and new forms of power have emerged, the most dangerous of them is the power of terror.

Humanitarian tragedies are repeated daily in Iraq, the cheapest thing to deal with politically is human blood . It makes civilians the victims of political problems. On the other hand the lack of security, causes people significant psychological crises.

The fate of the new generation in this country stands in front of a great danger and no one considers himself accountable for this. Accountability and responsibility are not to express personal feelings, but to reduce and eliminate the present conditions. There is lack of water and electricity and this lowers the standard of living for poor people and causes many social problems every day. Many people become sick and die. Nevertheless, all these conditions did not become the focus of the parties concerned in Iraq. All institutions in Iraq bear a share of this tragedy inflicted upon the people. Cultural and civil institutions played a role in deepening these differences playing the role of agitators, instead of reconciliators. Politicians are fighting political battles through the media, and in many cases, transferring their battles from headquarters into the streets, thus making people victims of this without making any useful changes in their lives through their work programs.

All these and many other diverse problems faced by the people, forces them to live tragic lives and international parties are silent about this human tragedy. Now, seven months after the parliamentary elections in Iraq, the political battle for power is not over yet. This causes continued human miseries, It was incumbent on political parties to respect people's votes. Those who have won the confidence of the people should be pushing to make their lives better but unfortunately, they are making the situation worse.

Therefore, we call on the international organization of UN to come to the aid of the country as a country suffering from disasters. The UN must recognize this fact. Because the tragedy of this country is the absence of political parties that take responsibility for the administration of the country. UN organization must consider itself responsible for that and stop this campaign of murder and corruption by the parties against each other because of their political disputes and lack of attention to people's lives.

Within that is the killing and insulting and harming of journalists and writers, who raise their voices against this type of power and are hoping for reform.

All these facts are known to the Iraqis and to the world. Being silent means participating in the painful events that occur in Iraq.

Therefore, we in Pana for Peace Group hope that the UN organization will form special committees to repair the paths of the lives of Iraqi people.