Nine trainees have graduated from the CPT peacemakers training in Iraqi Kurdistan

A group of diverse individuals from different corners of the world came together to take part in Christian Peacemaker Teams forty fifth training on January 28th 2016.

On Thursday,January 22, 65 people died in the Aegean Sea. At least 28 of them were from Iraqi Kurdistan and 5 from Sulaimani. 

Therefore, the whole group of the CPT Iraqi Kurdistan training attended a vigil for these people. The vigil was to bring awareness to the situation of so many people losing their lives in the sea on the journey to a freer and safer life. It was a time to express grief for the loss of lives of people from this region and this city.

It was the beginning of us starting to get closer to our selves first and then others. We alsoplanted our CPT flower with Sara Thompson. 

Second stage of our training started with dancing, singing and ended with powerful discussions. Some of us could name it as one of the most emotional and touching but also effective and productive training. 

On the fourth day of CPT training the CPT trainees participated in a role play session on practicing nonviolent direct action. They portrayed a simulation of civil disobedience mimicking Palestinian civilians protecting their land rights and how CPT may support such rights.

CPT trainees were happy and sad during the training. They had to say good bye to one of the fellow trainees as he prepares for his new life in the United States. They also formed their affinity groups for the action that took place. 

Following a security forces ban to conduct our solidarity non-violent performance in public at Azadi "Freedom" park, we decided to do it on the roof of the CPT house and film it.

"Thanks to the government which pays salaries of its employees on time."

"Until when? To where?!"

And you can watch the video action through this link:

After the action the training team spent a day learning about the CPT Kurdistan and Palestine teams and the different activities and challenges that they face on a daily basis. They also participated in two role plays that allowed them to learn how to deal with these challenges in real life situations.

Christian Peacemaker Team’s trainees welcomed the Program Director Muriel Schmid and her bag full of history and policies related to CPT.

The trainees of the CPT team have deeply discussed the impacts of faith on the peacemaking process and systems of oppression.

The first session of dismantle oppression. The women trainees talked about the way that sexism has affected their lives. The men shared the way sexism has brought privilege to their lives. After that all trainees discussed the ways that we all can work on dismantle sexism, starting with ourselves

We as trainees discussed about accepting and respecting the differences in emotions and

 feelings of minorities in society

The trainees looked at racism as a systematic way of oppression and how we undo the different types of racism. Unfortunately, the CPT team and trainees also had to say good bye to the CPT team member and trainer Kathy which has been serving in the team for five years and Program Director Mureil. Wishing them the best in their future journey

CPT training group discussed the aspects of a successful meeting. they learnt about conflict transformation through different activities. Later they had a briefing from IPS (Indigenous People's Solidarity) team from Canada

45th. CPT training participants joined friends to celebrate the 2716 New Kurdish Year (Nawroz) by visiting "the Kurdish mountains''. Nawroz represents freedom, renewed hope and Kurdish dreams.

Finally, nine peacemakers from different corners of the world graduated after 200 hours of training.

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