Origami at Arbat IDP Camp

written by Chihchun Yuan

photo by Marcus Armstrong

photo by Marcus Armstrong

On 26th of April, CPT’ers Marcus and Chihchun and some of the youth of Arbat camp spent one and half hours doing Origami. Most of the participants were boys.

Some young people had laboured hands, and initially the delicacy needed for Origami was a challenge. They learned quickly and soon everyone had made a beautiful crane and had written their name on it. Each was a unique work!

After a small exhibition of the various cranes, the young boys initiated a second round of origami – this time teaching Marcus and Chihchun how to make a boat, plane, camera, and tricks. They really enjoyed being teachers and sharing what they could make.

Today the teenager’s hands were doing Origami in a camp. In the future they may be shepherds tending their flocks, mechanics fixing cars and machines, chefs making delicious food, and many other things.

"Their hands will be handy for everything, and everything they touch will be what they love” is a prayer for today.

* The activity rooms for young people (from toddlers to teenagers) are organized by the workers of STEP. Many of those working with the young people are IDP’s themselves. Their gentle minds, eyes, hearts and voices have created a peaceful environment for the children to rest, share, have fun and be nourished.

* To know more about Arbat Camp, please read “My tent is beautiful"—a Sunni Arab IDP’s story (Feb.1 2016)“:


Please note - for security reasons we could not show the faces of the young people.