Honar Jasim Saleh faces threats from security forces

Today CPT talked with Honar Jasim Saleh: writer, researcher, university teacher and a member of civil society as well as a member of ‘’No for Now’’ movement against the upcoming referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan. Mr. Honar stated that he and his family do not feel safe due to the continuous threats that they have been receiving from the security forces. Mr. Honar and his family have been receiving threats through phone calls, social media and letters. For the past few weeks he has been stopped by a BMW car carrying three people wearing security uniforms in two different places. He has been told that he would either have to leave the country or he would be killed.

Mr. Honar’s sister has also been informed to leave her job. Furthermore, his parents and the rest of the family members have been threatened through different means to stop their son from expressing his opinion otherwise they would lose their son. The family is heavily monitored and being told on regular basis that Honar would be killed. Mr. Honar in the past has been fired from his job as a University teacher and was banned from teaching at any University or Institutes. Mr. Honar has asked for protection against the threats that he and his family are receiving.

Christian Peacemaker Teams condemns such acts and see a clear human rights violations. We ask the KRG government to protect its citizens.