Members of parliament under threat

Today Farhad Sangawi, a member of Parliament within the KRG, was abducted by several unknown armed men from his home. 

Mr Sangawi spoke with CPT last week stating that he felt that his safety was in danger due to his endorsement for the newly formed “No For Now Campaign”. This campaign is the main organizing group in opposition of the upcoming referendum vote for Kurdish Independence put forth by the Kurdistan Regional Government. 

Farhad Sangawi is one of many activists and lawmakers supporting the No For Now Campaign who have come forward in the past few weeks stating that they have been receiving threats from opposing parties, members of the government, and government security forces. Mr Sangawi told CPT that he felt he was being monitored and followed after endorsing the No For Now campaign. Mr Sangawi was released unharmed today and held a press conference about this morning events. 

While CPT takes no position on the Kurdish referendum, we firmly condemn acts of violence against those exercising freedom of speech and political expression throughout the region.