Non-violence workshops evaluation report

February 2013 with the assistance of the Directorate of Education of Suleimani, we conducted the workshops in five high schools in Suleimani city with 184 students from 10th—12th grades. In addition, we led the workshop in Suleimani: twice in the Culture Café and once in Café 11. Later on, we also conducted the workshop in Daraban village near Ranya, Ferhangkhana Center in Qaladize and Amez Center for Women in Halabja. 81 people participated in the workshops in those places. At the end of each workshop, we asked the participants to fill out evaluation forms and share their opinions about the content and style of the workshop, as well as their recommendations for the future. We have compiled the results of the evaluation and present them here in this report .

Read the full report here.