Stop the attack on Afrin

Photo by: Rudaw TV.

For decades the Turkish government has been involved in a campaign of systematic oppression against the Kurdish people living within Turkey and along its borders. The government of Turkey has been expanding its borders militarily within Syria and Iraq by building military bases and launching airstrikes on the Kurdish homelands for decades. President Erdogan has now declared war on the Syrian city of Afrin under the guise of ridding the area of terror groups (the same groups that, aided by the west, helped rid the area of ISIS).

On January 20th, 2018 the Turkish military began launching indiscriminate airstrikes and bombardments onto a mostly civilian population of Afrin (500,000 citizens along with 120,000 displaced persons reside in Afrin) resulting in numerous deaths, casualties, and mass destruction. Local news reports that Afrin’s medical staff are running out of supplies to treat the wounded as scores of civilians stream into area hospitals.

Hundreds of thousands of peaceful people have protested in cities all around the world to stop this violence. The people of Afrin have organized massive protests daily consisting of thousands of people resisting Turkey’s operation in Afrin and calling on the international community to stop the war against the Kurdish people.

We call on world leaders to use all peaceful diplomatic means to stop Turkish President Erdogan's full-scale attack on the Kurdish city of Afrin.

We also call on western countries to stop the for-profit flow of weapons into the Middle East, a region already heavily impacted by war.