Call to Action: Requesting protection of 400 Iraqi Kurdish Civilians trapped in a heavy Turkish Bombardment. Update.

*Home destroyed by Turkish bombardments in the Qandil region. 2015

Thanks to all who contacted their Turkish Embassy or Consulate, calling for a halt in bombing in the Pishdar District of the Qandil Mountains.

A representative of the twelve civilian villages under bombardment, informed us on Monday, 22 July, two days after our urgent action alert was sent out, that the Turkish Military has stopped bombing, but military surveillance planes continue to circle over the villages. The villagers see this as a sign that the bombing could resume at any time.  They continue to feel it is unsafe to both stay or leave the area and take their animals out to graze on the mountain sides, they still feel trapped.

While our team will continue to bring the broader issue of Turkish bombing in the border areas of Iraqi Kurdistan, to officials and agencies here, we ask you to take another step in addressing this.  Please consider organizing a public protest in your local community, a #EndTurkishBombings action over social media, or another creative action to speak out on behalf of the villagers under attack.