Join Kurdish journalist Niyaz Abdullah in her campaign requesting the immediate release of prisoners in Bahdinan.

Sherwan Sherwani, along with seventeen other journalists and activists, continues to be held in custody at Zerka Prison. Rebin Shamamkay, one of the lawyers representing the group, today told CPT that they are being charged under Article 156 of the Iraqi Penal Code, which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. The Judge yesterday denied the prisoners’ appeal to be released on bail. These journalists and civil society actors have now been imprisoned for over 15 days, with no idea how much longer they may be kept from friends and family.

Kurdish Journalist Niyaz Abdullah has invited organisations and individuals to join her in campaigning for the immediate release of Sherwan Sherwani and his fellow prisoners in Bahdinan. You can join this campaign by taking a photo of yourself holding a sign calling for their release, and posting it on your social media or as your profile picture, with the hashtag ئازادی_بۆ_دەستگیرکراوانی_بادینان# ("Free Bahdinan Prisoners", please copy and paste the Kurdish hashtag for your posts)