Girls life

by Lavin

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GIRL: the word itself is already a problem for girls because a girl in the Bedouin, Arab and Conservative Religious Community is believed to be a problem.

For a girl herself, even her presence becomes a problem, while at the same time the girl is a problem within the family in the Arab community with its religious and traditional traditions.

Today I'll write a basis for this and with each point, there is either a negative or a positive principle. There is a rule that states that a girl's problem starts when the Almighty Allah gives the spirit to the baby inside the mother's abdomen. The first parent to learn the gender of the baby, by ultra sonar, is the mother. Families usually prefer male children. There are thousands of reasons, for this, according to the girls themselves, their ideas and their culture.

This preference is also due to the environment and society. If the mother already knows that the child will be a girl, here begins the sign of sorrow at femininity. If you have knowledge of a girl child before birth, and maybe the father and the mother and all family prefer a male child, here begins the problem. Medical experiments indicate that sadness around the baby's mother and the father affects the morale of girl babies. This has been proven scientifically. Because of this, generally girl babies are more negative having been affected in the womb. Girl babies after birth at home may be meeting a cold mother, the baby is a sad thing to be met, called not by the given name but by nicknames.

( This article was translated in English from Turkmen language. It was one article from Pana for Peace October. )